Our Founder

Jenna Epperly

A diet culture overcomer and break free from body shame enthusiast who wants you to experience freedom more than anything.

My hope is that this app will encourage you and push you towards the truth; that your body is a good body IN ALL OF ITS PHASES, regardless of how it looks. I want to help you break free from body shame and the toxic trap that diet culture has so many of us in, thinking that we have to be our smallest selves, forego our bodies natural intuition and will our body into submission through intense exercise that doesn’t leave any room for us to honor it, take care of it, or rest it. 

I want you to establish intuition with your body and be proud of all that it can do. I want you to view exercise and movement as a gift and not be afraid to take rest days. Your body is so meaningful and how you treat it and how you think about it is so important, but how it looks is not the most interesting thing about you. 

We are only given one body and I always will encourage you to steward it well and to take care of, honor and cherish it, but I’ll never encourage extremes or unhealthy ways to reach your fitness goals.