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You can sign up right here on our website, anywhere where it says “Sign up here” or “join now”. Simply create an account, and then go to your app store and download the “Good Body” app onto your phone!

Yes! We offer a 7 day free trial for you to try out the workouts, any plans and membership to see if it is a good fit

Yes! Good Body! It can be downloaded on to any device after you create an account

Once you have created an account, downloaded the app to your phone and logged in, you will see the daily workouts right on your home screen which is your workout calendar. Those workouts are the community workouts that everyone is doing but if you want to try one of the additional workout plans, you can browse them through the “Plans” footer on the app

All sales are final; no refunds or exchanges are provided. After your 7 day free trial is over, your account will automatically be billed the $24.99 monthly subscription price. If you cancel 24 hours before your free trial ends, you will not be billed. You are billed the same date each month, and can cancel at any time.

ALL fitness levels are welcome. We have a wide variety of plans that will cater to the needs of multiple types of individuals. If you are a beginner or have taken 3+  months away from exercise, we recommend starting with our “Beginner Good Body” Plan to build a foundation before jumping into the daily workouts. The workouts also provide “Success Options” which are alternate exercises to accommodate different fitness levels and needs.

Workout Questions

Both! Workouts can be made home friendly with just a few pairs of dumbbells and bands. Within the workouts, if it is a gym exercise, there is a success option (alternative exercise) that is provided with gym specific exercise option. We like to meet our users in the middle so the automated exercise will always be one that can be done from home with the option to make it bodyweight/banded or a gym equipment exercise.

You have the option within each workout to opt for a 30 or 60 minute version. How long it takes each individual to complete a single workout will depend on multiple individual factors so we can not say with 100% certainty how long any one workout will take someone, but you are always provided with a shorter or a longer time frame option for the daily community workouts.

You can complete all the workouts with some large resistance loop bands, shorter glute bands and a few set of dumbbells. That is the basic requirement.

Exercise demos, detailed instructions on how the flow of the workout will go and the why behind what you’re doing, ability to track and log weight used, ability to see previously weight logged/used for a specific exercise, ability to track and log reps performed, timer for how long the workout takes, ability to take notes about a certain workout, ability to “favorite” a workout to come back to it, you can add or take away sets/rounds to accommodate the workout time frame to your individual needs.

Within a single workout, recommendations are given for how to know what weights to select for a specific rep range.

The daily community workouts are all self-paced meaning that you do them at your own speed. There are demo videos for every single exercise within a workout so you see the form and know how to complete an exercise. All workouts start with a dynamic warm up and end with a cool down. In between there is a variation of circuits (3+ exercises that are to be performed in a row to complete a single round) single strength sets (a stand alone exercise that will be performed for a set amount of reps and sets before moving on to the next exercise) and supersets (two exercises that are to be performed back to back for a certain amount of sets before moving on). The flow is always described in detail in individual workouts notes. 

It is always best to consult your practitioner before starting any new form of movement. With that being said, there is an 8 week core recovery plan in the membership that can be performed for anyone postpartum to restore their core and pelvic floor. If you are looking for more detailed and catered workouts, Jenna is a Certified Pre and Postnatal Performance Training Specialist and does take 1:1 online and in person pregnant and postpartum clients. Inquire about that here.

Good Body Membership Subscription

5 new daily community workouts each week, optional monthly mini benchmark challenges to track and see forward movement, access to all additional workout plans (Beginner, HIIT, travel/bodyweight, postpartum core recovery + more), growing recipe library with delicious snack, breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas, growing on demand workouts, tutorial videos, fitness tips, downloadable resources, community chat

Each week new workouts are added to the community calendar, and each month new recipes and on demand workouts are uploaded and quarterly new fitness tips and tutorials are added

They are different! These are typically shorter in nature, follow along style workouts that can be done from anywhere. The style will vary, anywhere from HIIT, strength, bodyweight, mobility/recovery, deep core, dance cardio. Simply hit play, turn your brain off and move your good body.

You can! You can easily scroll back on the workout calendar to see past completed workouts. You can also favorite a workout to easily find and refer back to. If you are inside a workout, within an individual exercise page, at the bottom of the page there is an icon that looks like a clock; you can click that and it will show previously used weight for that exercise.

Billing Questions

Yes. Your account will be billed $24.99/month, on the same day.

You can cancel your account by logging in on the browser (hit log in on the home page of our website), and from there you can cancel your membership in the account settings. 

The Good Body Membership is $24.99/month

Once you cancel your account, you will still have access to previous content, just no new workouts or new content. If you DELETE your account, you will lose all content and that cannot be reversed.

All sales are final. When you create an account, each individual signs a waiver acknowledging and agreeing that you are the sole responsible party for the management of your account. 

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