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Who’s ready for 6 weeks of workouts + SO MUCH MORE?!?

Jenna Epperly


Who’s ready for 6 weeks of workouts + SO MUCH MORE?!?


Who’s ready for 6 weeks of workouts + SO MUCH MORE?!?

Introducing my 6 week Fit to Free FALL 2023 challenge!

Our 6 Week Fit to Free Fall Challenge is designed to help you FEEL STRONG in your workouts and focus on learning how to honor and steward your body well, during a season (holidays) that can be super stressful for some.

Sign up now as we gear up to start this challenge on Monday November 6TH. (in depth details below)

Challenge runs from Monday 6th - December 15th- WHOSE READY?!


Are you ready to feel strong, empowered and unstoppable? Join our 6-week challenge dedicated to helping you honor and steward your body and achieve your fitness goals!

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to transform the way you think about and view your body, especially as the holiday season is coming up. PRE-REGISTER today and embark on your journey to strength and freedom!

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Who is this challenge for?

Anyone who is ready to commit to themselves

for the next 6 weeks and wants community, accountability, and inspiration with their workouts (plus you don’t have to think at all about what you will do for workouts for the next 42 days since it is all planned out for you!)

Anyone who wants challenging, but fun, workouts

that will challenge you physically, improve your performance and strength, all with the overarching theme and reminder that movement is a GIFT and should be a way to honor your body and something that adds value to your life!

Anyone who wants consistency in their workouts

to help form long lasting and sustainable habits in a healthy way

Those of you who want to break free from diet culture rules

when it comes to your exercise routine + are interested in gaining knowledge and tools on how to navigate the holiday season + the rest of your life with a better understanding and implementation of how to honor and steward your body well

Anyone who wants a workout challenge where the approach doesn’t have an obsessive focus on weight loss

but instead focuses on performance improvement and using exercise to HONOR YOUR BODY and all that it is capable of

Those who already feel like they aren’t affected by diet culture rules, but

would still like to have tangible resources on how to de-stress, get better sleep, gentle nutrition, recovery, and how to be kinder to your body

In addition to your workouts, each week there will be a theme that we will be focusing on, with educational content and action items:

What’s included in the purchase of the 6 week Fall FIT TO FREE Challenge

5 new workouts per week + an optional Saturday benchmark workout to track progress for the next 6 weeks via my workout app Good Body App (demo videos, written in depth form instructions, ability to enter the weight you use, fitness education + more)

Daily FIT MIND affirmations (encouraging affirmations) given out each day of the workweek on the app to help with your mindset

Access to me, Jenna, via email/DM/in app messaging for entirety of challenge

“Starter Pack” Guide that has in depth information detailing the style of workouts, FIT MIND affirmations, daily goals tracker, progress tracker, how to make workouts more challenging from home, in depth detail of what you will need, overview of how the app works, what to expect with workouts, how to be entered in for prizes, how to check in weekly on IG + IG template + more!

6 downloadable Weekly Guides designated for each week provided through in app resources (you’ll have them forever to refer back to if you ever want to revisit the Education) that detail the daily action items/journal prompts, end of the week check-in page for you to assess how you’re doing at the end of each week + other important info necessary for that week

What are the workouts like?

The workouts that you will complete for the next six weeks combine resistance/hypertrophy training and HIIT, and implement progressive overload. (If you are already doing the GB community daily workouts, this is going to feel like a 6 week push)

Each week you will have some variation of lower body (glutes and hamstrings, full leg day, quad focused), upper body (push/pull split), full body (including core + abs), and HIIT + Conditioning.

Workouts range from 45-65 minutes but every single workout on the app will have a 30 minute option to cater to your needs and schedule.

All levels are welcome since modifications are provided for more advanced exercises.

The Good Body App Personal Training App
Jenna Epperly

(All workouts CAN BE done from home with a few sets of dumbbells, and some longer resistance bands + smaller loop bands (starter pack includes full equipment list + optional pieces as well))


These instagram check-ins are a chance to participate with the community, find support, and share how you’re doing.  (you can also be entered in for prizes if you don’t participate in the IG portion- details in your starter pack once you sign up)

In order to have a chance at winning any of the weekly giveaways, I recommend participating as much as possible on instagram (or sending in a testimonial each week if you don’t want to be on social media). Please view the challenge rules below. (you don’t have to follow the challenge rules if you don’t care about the prizes!) 


Challenge rules:

  • Check in at least 2x/week on instagram each week and use the #FITTOFREE and tag me @ jeneppfit and @ goodbody app on the gram! 
  • Refer a friend + email me any names of friends you got to sign up to win $100 + 2 free months on the app post challenge
  • HAVE FUN! 


I hope you are just as excited as I am to fall in love with movement, use exercise to honor and celebrate all your body can do, and gain tools and insight on how to navigate the summer season feeling free; without guilt, shame or diet culture rules around exercise and your body 

If you have any more questions before starting, please feel free to email me at jenna@jeneppfit.com– Can’t wait!