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About Good Body App

On Good Body App we are more than just a workout app. We are a supportive community dedicated to empowering women on their fitness journeys. Unlike traditional programs, we embrace body confidence, reject diet culture, and offer workouts + plans tailored to the unique needs of females in all phases of their fitness journeys. Our whole body approach delivers convenience, flexibility, and ongoing support right to your phone, ensuring you achieve your fitness goals while prioritizing your overall well-being. Join us to experience a transformative fitness experience that celebrates your individuality and creates a positive impact on your life.

Regardless of your fitness level, and whether you’re working out at the gym or from home, these workouts are inclusive, instructive and motivating. Each workout and plan is science backed and intended to be fun and challenging, while simultaneously improving your muscle strength, hypertrophy and endurance as you move and workout your GOOD BODY.

What's in the app

Daily Workouts

The community workouts are science backed and intended to help you increase in your strength and confidence, no matter what phase of your fitness journey you’re in. Each week you will have workouts split up into some combination of glutes, hamstrings and legs, upper body push, upper body pull, conditioning, core, HIIT cardio and full body. These workouts are designed with women in mind, intended to help you feel strong and athletic, while also prioritizing mobility, stability, agility and endurance. 

Resource Library

Resource Library

Fitness encompasses so much more than just workouts. On Good Body App, we want to ensure that you are provided with as much information and education as possible to be successful. With access to a growing library of information in multiple categories, you are constantly receiving content intended to foster a healthier relationship with exercise and your body, and empower you in the choices you make.

Workout Plans

In addition to the daily community workouts, you’ll also have access to a growing workout plan library. These are created with intent and specificity to cater to different needs and different fitness levels. 

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