1:1 Good Body Online Training

If you want a fully custom and individualized approach to your workouts that is a step above the community workouts, this option is for you.

Jenna Epperly | Virginia Beach Certified Personal Trainer

Why work with me?

I want you to succeed, but more than that I want you to find freedom in your workout routine. I want you to enjoy movement and working out your good body while you work towards your goals. With my anti-diet culture approach, I meet you where you’re at and will help facilitate you on your journey with a fully customized workout plan that meets your individual needs, while empowering you to break free from body shame and the toxic lies of diet culture. I want to help you focus on what movement can ADD to your life, not what it can take away or restrict.

up to 5 workouts/week

your own completely custom workout plan uploaded to your individual portal (demo videos and step by step instructions for each exercise, tutorials, the ability to log weight used in a workout/track ad log your workouts to see progress)

check in calls

2-20 minute check in calls via zoom with me each month to see how you're doing, see what needs to be changed/fixed and make sure I am supporting you in the best way possible

weekly check-ins

weekly check-ins with me through in-app messaging/daily communication if needed

assessment/habit trackers

assessment/habit trackers designed to help you tune in to your body/break free from diet culture

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