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1:1 Good Body Online Pre/Postpartum Training

Are you pregnant or postpartum? I will be taking a limited amount of pre/postpartum 1:1 clients.

1:1 Online Training for Pregnant Clients

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist, and I want to make training throughout your pregnancy as fun, effective and SAFE as possible. 

The journey through pregnancy, childbirth and then postpartum places specific high stress and demands on your body physically and emotionally, and I want to help you prepare properly and emerge even stronger.

My 1:1 training approach for pregnant clients is a three phase process






Birth Prep

I'll show you how

Each phase has different, yet specific goals/purposes; which will be covered and explained in detail once we are working together:

  • Core activation, fundamental moves, and effectively preparing for parenthood ADLs
  • Improving strength and increasing core capacity
  • Mental prep, pushing practice and preparing the body for labor

I want you to feel safe and confident while you move your incredible pregnant body, so if you’d like to apply, click the button below so we can hop on a discovery call to talk about how I can assist you!

1:1 Online Training for Postpartum Clients

My 1:1 training approach for postpartum clients is to help you

  1. Recover from pregnancy and labor
    • Recover from trauma (tissue tearing, pelvic floor dysfunction, DR)
    • Repair injured CC (core canister) structures: repairing the compromised abdominal and pelvic floor structures
    • Very specific approach to rebuilding the deep core muscles
  2. Effectively perform parenthood ADLs (activities of everyday life)
  3. Get back to your favorite activities

By working with me as a postpartum client, I will help you to:


Re-establish core canister function


Restore strength to traumatized tissue


Build core capacity to assist in performing ADLs

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