Prenatal Training

Train for the event of a lifetime by working with me 1:1 throughout your journey through pregnancy

As a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Pre/Postnatal Performance Training Specialist, I want to make training throughout your pregnancy as fun, effective and SAFE as possible. 

No two pregnancies are the same, which is why I believe a hands on, and fully individualized approach can be so valuable and empowering during this phase in your life. 

The journey through pregnancy, childbirth and then postpartum places specific high stress and demands on your body physically and emotionally, and I want to help you prepare properly and emerge even stronger. 

While each prenatal client is taken through a three-phase program, the rate of progression, exercise selection, intensity and workout structure is highly dependent on the individual, their needs, goals, exercise history and pregnancy.

The three phase process is as followed






Birth Prep

Each phase has different, yet specific goals/purposes; which will be covered and explained in detail once we are working together

Prenatal 1:1 Online Training Amenities

Up to 5 workouts/week

Your own fully custom workout plan uploaded to your individual portal on Good Body App, designed for your pregnancy needs, your goals, your fitness level, and access to equipment (demo videos and step by step instructions for each exercise, tutorials, the ability to log weight used in a workout/track ad log your workouts to see progress). 

Workouts consist of a dynamic warm up to help warm up muscles that can become tight from accommodating a changing body, breathwork + core activation to prepare your core and pelvic floor for movement, strength component, labor intensity interval training/birth prep (in month 7) and a cool down.

Jenna Working Out
Jenna holding phone

Monthly Zoom Check-in video calls

4-30 minute check in calls via zoom with me each month to see how you’re doing, see what (if any) adjustments need to be made to your plan, and make sure I am supporting you in the best way possible

Assessments/ Habit Trackers

End of the week assessments/check-ins that are catered to your goals and habits are sent to you at the end of the week to celebrate the little wins. We also create additional habit trackers for any additional support you need outside of your workouts. 

Habit Tracker
Jenna Epperly | Certified Personal Trainer

Direct Access to Me

I am in this with you! I enter into your journey with as much of a hands-on approach that you need, so you feel encouraged and supported. We are a team!

Pregnancy Resources

You’ll gain access to a handful of pregnancy resources that will help educate about the body, changes you can expect per trimester, tutorial videos for breathwork and proper pelvic floor engagement. 

Habit Tracker

What the Good Body Community Says

Choosing to train w/ Jenna was the best decision

Working with Jenna through my pregnancy has been the best thing I could have done for myself! This was my first pregnancy and I was so nervous about what I could and couldn’t do when it came to exercising while pregnant. Jenna was so patient and affirming in guiding me through each phase of our programming and catering my program to exactly what I needed in each part of my pregnancy. I really considered her part of my birth team because she was with me through every part of the journey. While I have no prior pregnancies to compare this to, I truly attribute the strength of my core postpartum, to the foundation we laid together while I was pregnant. Could not recommend working with her enough, while pregnant!


Trusting Jenna with this phase was the best decision I could have made!

The skills and strength I gained while working with Jenna during my second pregnancy were invaluable. This was the strongest and most empowered I felt while pregnant because Jenna provided me with the tools and resources I didn’t have in my previous pregnancies. This was the first pregnancy where I had an actual game plan when it came to my workouts and trusting Jenna with this phase was the best decision I could have made!

I want you to feel safe and confident while you move your incredible pregnant body, so if you’d like to apply, click the Get Started button so we can be in further communication about how I can best help you.