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Jenna epperly presents



Approach the holiday’s with freedom

Jenna epperly presents



Approach the holiday’s with freedom

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Through science based hypertrophy training, and daily encouraging affirmations I want to challenge you to level up your fitness routine and mentality. 

Workout with me and get exclusive access to my personal workouts, an awesome community, and fitness/body confidence tips on how to take your workouts and mindset to the next level.

What's Included

5 new workouts per week

hypertrophy based training paired with HIIT to challenge your body

Daily FIT MIND affirmations

to help break away from negative thought patterns/mentalities surrounding your body

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I have intentionally created each workout to be versatile enough to meet the needs of both those who are working out at a gym or at home. A majority of the exercise videos were recorded with a pair of dumbbells to show that you can get just as effective workout as if you were at the gym. If you have access to gym equipment, obviously you may sub any of the dumbbell or banded exercises for barbells or machines,.

5-6 workouts per week- the pairing of workouts/muscle splits varies week to week but each week will consistently have an upper body, lower body, and full body day. The remaining days will vary; there is typically always going to be a workout with the emphasis on the back, because it is such a large muscle. There could also be a second leg day some weeks, AMRAP style, more HIIT based workout, endurance/cardio and higher volume based, body weight with minimal equipment and then core/abdominal work are always programmed into each week. I created it intentionally with effective variety.

A typical workout is about 45 min-1 hour BUT in the notes section of each workout, there is instruction for how to make it 30 minutes or less. Each workout also comes with an optional (but recommended) dynamic warm up and cool down to get your body ready for movement and then stretched and recovered once you finish.

ABSOLUTELY. A handful of exercises have modification alternatives under the exercise notes for each individual movement. For any weighted exercise, you can perform it with just your body until you feel comfortable adding in weight or you may use the alternative exercise given. Do not let “feeling like a beginner” or “not in good enough shape” stop you from joining! ALL ARE WELCOME and every workout can be modified to meet the needs of the individual. If you have any specific/personal questions about this, don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing me using the contact form below. 

Absolutely not. I do feel like it’s important to note here, that I do not believe you need to lose weight or be the smallest version of yourself to be happy or fit. Obviously, with changing your workout routine, pushing yourself harder, and challenging your muscles in new ways/with intentionality, body changes can/do occur. But if you’ve known me for more than 5 minutes, you know that I believe all bodies are worthy and I encourage you to use exercise as a way to honor your body and celebrate it for all that it can do- not punish it. If you are a runner/athlete/participate in any other type of activity that is your primary form of movement and want to just complete a few Level Epp Fit workouts, I recommend completing upper body, lower body, and then choose between either the back focused workout or full body especially if you are doing a form of cardio on your own.

They are daily positive affirmations/mental fitness challenges that I do on my own/share with my community, to help break away from negative thought patterns/mentalities surrounding your body and your potential. They are not mandatory but I have seen them help a large amount of the clients I work with in terms of their “mental fitness” and how they view themselves. It is just a tool I like to use and give others as a way to level up their mindsets.

I do not require progress/transformation photos. You are more than welcome to take them for your own personal use, or send them to me if you are proud of your hard work, because they can be a way to assess progress but again, see my answer to question 5 as it relates to this. While exercise can compositionally change your body, I am just as concerned about the mental transformation that takes place. If you want to send in a transformation photo- I would love for you to share how you have noticed a mental transformation also. A transformation photo can also take the form of a picture where you feel like you’re genuinely happy or for example, you in a dress/outfit that you feel confident in or never used to feel good in.

  • Dumbbells- a variety if possible. Anywhere from 5lb-30/40 LBS but this is completely dependent on the fitness level of each individual 
  • Resistance Bands, Loop Bands/Fabric Booty Bands- a variety if possible. Light resistance-heavy for the loop/booty bands and 5-65 LBS for resistance bands. Again, this is dependent on the fitness level of each individual
  • Step- this can be a workout bench, couch, chair, box; anything that is sturdy and elevated
  • Optional: kettle bell, slam balls, barbell, gym machines (cables, lat pull down, squat rack– for gym goers etc), jump rope, cardio machines

I have purposefully included heart rate boosting exercises throughout the programmed workouts to add in that cardio/athletic element, BUT it is important to note that these workouts are mainly hypertrophy based-meaning challenging/strengthening the muscle fibers – and plyometrics (HIIT, jumping etc) thrown in. If you feel the need to get in other forms of cardio, I do recommend LISS (Low intensity steady state cardio- about 60% of your max heart rate; you can hold a conversation performing this activity)… no more than 15-20 minutes a day BUT there will also be recommendations in the app in terms of what days I would recommend fitting this in.